- Gypsum is one of the common materials used for interior ceiling or wall construction and commercial appliances. This material is used more and more in the civil construction industry and is characterized by fast construction, high aesthetics, non-toxic, non-flammable, sound insulation, thermal insulation ...
- Gypsum works: insulation and sound insulation, waterproof and fireproof, environmentally safe

1. The ability of insulation and sound insulation:
- Gypsum Fire resistant and very good insulation. It does not absorb heat and thermal conductivity lower rate than other materials such as concrete, brick, glass ... gypsum therefore can prevent heat and reduce energy consumption for air-conditioning systems .
- Since there are so insulation properties gypsum board is widely used for interior ceilings and walls to prevent fires. Moreover, it is also often used as the outer covering of high-rise structures to prevent damage in case of fire.
- An additional function is soundproof. Gypsum has the potential to reduce sound from mid 35-60dB. This is the reason why the theaters, factories ... usually choose plasterboard soundproofing system.

2. Waterproof and fireproof:
- One of the disadvantages of plaster is hydrophobic, so today people used many different solutions to this restriction. Gypsum is fire resistant and moisture resistant gypsum powder made of glass mingled with fire resistant properties to create, paper bag plaster is designed to insulate from 1 to 3 hours, meet technical standards plaster ASTM C 36. this type of construction is suitable for bare drywall by features Vietnamese advantages such as ultra lightweight technology with gypsum foaming, non-flammable, fire, smoke and dust was not born like cover plate coated paper or other materials and no hot as fire, to prevent mold.
- In addition to the above effects, gypsum also health and safety and the environment:
- Gypsum does not contain a mixture of Ami-antenna and carcinogens. In case of fire, gypsum will not produce toxic gases. Because gypsum vowed to ensure a healthy environment and safety.